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The Infashion article that called us to L.A.
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Stagebill for A Christmas Twist w/ Poster page
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Sun-Times Pandora review
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(Left) Reader advert for "Out on a Whim"
(Right)  Reader review of "That Was Zen, This is Mao" with group Level X.
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"Glass Mendacity" review from Windy City Press
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Flyer for TCI taping @ The Body Politic

Early review by Sun-Times' Ernie Tucker


"Glass Mendacity" from The Reader. Click to see full page.


(L to R:  Maureen FitzPatrick, Keith Cooper, George Seegebrecht, Catherine Cole, Doug Armstrong, Dov Weinstock.)


(L to R:  Doug Armstroong, George Seegebrecht, Keith Cooper, Catherine Cole, Maureen FitzPatrick, Dov Weinstock.)

Out On A Whim - The Illegitimate Players


"Of Grapes andNuts" Promotional.
Maureen "Curly" FitzPatrick, Keith "Lenny" Cooper

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Left: Velvet Elvis  {James Jatho, Tony Alcantar, Lydia Dia, Keith Cooper, 
Maureen Morley, Bernie Avello, Dana White)

Mid: Level X (Top: Keith Cooper / Center: Marcia Wilke, Tony Alcantar, 
Dick Costelo / Bottom: Norm Boucher, Catherine Evans, Bob Hicks)

Right:Level X (Top: Marcia Wilke, Keith Cooper, Dick Costelo / 
Center: Norm Boucher, Ruthie Rudnick / Bottom: Tony Alcantar)

Level X
"The Return of ... That Was Zen, This is Mao"
Handmade Stagebill

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